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👋 Hello, I'm a front-end developer and a 12th-grade student. My primary focus this year is on achieving academic excellence, as a result, I've temporarily stepped back from socials and launching new projects, although I continue to maintain my existing side projects with great care.

However, I remain excited to expanding my network. Feel free to reach out via email or schedule a call if you would like to connect or simply have a friendly chat.

I'm very curious about AI, open source, internet startups, Saas, developer tools and beautiful UX! Drop me a msg via email if you'd like to hear my thoughts on what you're working on.


🇮🇳 Based in Kerala, India

Birthday: March 7, 2007

Besides programming I also enjoy Chess, Football, F1 Racing, and Maths

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An app that assists YouTube creators make personalized custom thumbnails with AI, with ability to visualize outfits, scenery, and more.

Side Project

A simple web app that leverages AI to create stunning, unique app icons based on your ideas.

Side Project

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